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CMS Backed Static Site with Middleman

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What does Docker do again? Here’s a fantastic explanation

With the incredible hype around Docker, it’s amazing how I’ve avoided learning it until recently. For the longest time, I didn’t have a solid grasp on what it does and why it exists. Turns out I’m not alone. Many fellow developers also struggle with understanding what Docker does and how it can make their lives easier.

As I was browsing Hacker News...

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Zen static site hosting with GitHub Pages, Middleman, and CloudFlare

I love static sites. They are fast, reliable, and SEO-friendly. I’m an avid user of Middleman, which is a Ruby-based static site generator. I have a fantastic Middleman workflow, but what about deployment and hosting?

When it comes to hosting provider, there are a few requirements from my end:

  • Easy to deploy
  • CDN-enabled
  • Reliable
  • Free or almost...
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Zen Middleman 4 Setup with Brunch and Bower

As a developer, I’m a huge fan of static websites. They are reliable, fast, and SEO-friendly. I also learned to love creating static websites by using tools like Middleman. In this post, I won’t try to convince you on why Middleman is great (maybe another day). Instead, I’ll be focusing on how to setup a Middleman 4 project that leverages best-practice...

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